The Happiness Factor Of Yoga!

“Yoga is the light which once lit will never dim, the better you practice, the better your flame!” 
All our lives we work tirelessly to find happiness, why struggle so much when Yoga provides that happiness factor that can last for a lifetime!
Yoga is not a religion, a philosophy, or merely a form of exercise! It has much more to it than whatever meets the eye!
Isn’t it beautiful how you can align your body and your mind and discipline them by practising Yoga? Yoga offers a solution to all the endless physical and mental problems that humans face today. It enables us to discover our inner self and lead a peaceful life with the utmost happiness.
One might often wonder how flexible the bodies of Yoga practitioners are, but little are we aware of how flexible their minds are, as a result of practising Yoga!
It is not right to practice Yoga like an exercise for muscle toning or bodybuilding. Yoga is not just about the postures and asanas that make your body flexible. Yoga, of course, provides good health, but that’s because of how a Yoga practitioner can manipulate his/her system to rise to a different level. We all understand the saying “Health is Wealth”, but it is only some of us who understand that “Health is Happiness”. A happy body is always equal to a happy life.
By doing Yoga, you become one with the universe; you feel a kind of oneness and wholeness within yourself. With you being able to control your mind and the things around you, you can make decisions with clarity that you will never regret later.
It is always better to learn Yoga from an instructor who has already walked through this path. This enables you to approach Yoga in the right way. Self-teaching Yoga may end up differently since you may not attain the place where Yoga wants you to.
Yoga takes us to a place where we understand that being happy, joyful, and peaceful should be a part of our nature. It should not be emotions that are free to enter and exit our lives, depending on the situation and the environment around us. Once we reach that step in our lives, we will be the masters of ourselves and nothing that the world throws at you will push you down and break you.
The word “depression” is ubiquitous in our lives. We suffer from instability of our minds which makes us susceptible to a lot of factors that easily drive us into depression. Depression cannot find its place in your life when Yoga has already taken its place!
The energy imbalance in your body is the reason behind most of your ailments. Once you figure how to sort that out with Yoga, no ailment is incurable. The disease that originates from within can only be cured from within!

Practising Yoga releases hormones that make you feel positive and happier. It controls the stress hormone and reduces anxiety.
Nothing can make you happier than your body, mind, and actions listening to you and obeying your orders. Things can never go wrong, and the people around you will never play a part in manipulating your happiness that comes from within.
Yoga is the golden key to a happy life!
It is indeed the happiness factor!