Welcome to the 7th Anliveda Yoga Video Newsletter!

Approaching the end of the year is always a special time. The days leading to the New Year and the New Year’s celebrations, the new beginning! This gives the time a special quality.

Did you actually know that also all the other days of the year are governed by a special quality of time? In this Newsletter the secret of the “Quality of Time” will be revealed.

You will find the recipe for a winter tea for relief from cough, and you will find a new yoga quizz in this newsletter. The answer to the previous quiz question is: Cat Pose.

Enjoy the sneak-peak here on the “Moon Veda Yoga Calendars 2023” for India and Dubai with monthly yoga recommendations for every day of the month.

Enjoy the 7th edition of the ANLIVEDA YOGA NEWSLETTER.

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Enjoy the 7th edition of the ANLIVEDA YOGA NEWSLETTER,

Hari Om!

Your Anliveda Yoga Team