Welcome to the 10th Anliveda Yoga Video Newsletter!

On 21st June 2023 the global yoga community will celebrate the International Day of Yoga. This year, the focus is on global health, yoga and global unity. Let’s unite in the spirit of yoga: ONE YOGA, ONE HEALTH. Learn more about this fascinating topic in this newsletter.
Challenge yourself with the Yoga Quiz question in this newsletter, the answer from the previous quiz is: There are 196 Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
Globally, one out of three people is affected by hypertension. This is alarming. The good news is: Yoga and a few lifestyle modifications can help you manage high blood pressure. And, ind out more here about the ancient knowledge of biorhythms, moon influences and blood pressure.
Enjoy the Moon Veda Yoga Courses available at: www.anlivedayoga.com with a live Moon Calendar giving Yoga recommendations for every day.
Hari Om!
Your Anliveda Yoga Team