Welcome to the 5th Anliveda Yoga Video Newsletter!

Be inspired by the wisdom of the great Patanjali, the famous ancient yogi sage of India, whose philosophy of yoga is presented in the 5th edition of the Anliveda Yoga Video Newsletter!
Be inspired further by the enthusuastic young woman, who embarked on a cycling tour from Cochin to Ladakh for promoting Yoga! Meet in this Newsletter and on the Anliveda Yoga YouTube Channel, Dr. Agrima Nair who started on 21 June from Kerala in the South of India with her bicycle. Dr. Agrima completed her doctorate in molecular neuroscience from the Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology. At the same time she found her calling in yoga! Riding her bicycle, Dr. Agrima will visit Karnatak, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and New Delhi on her way to Ladakh.
You will also get some useful tips for staying fit with yoga during long hours of travel time in airplanes or trains, given that the summer months are for many people in the world the major travel time of the year. The Anliveda Travel Yoga courses are easily accessible through the Anliveda app, free for download from the Google Playstore, thus support in doing a few yoga stretches to keep the body fleixible during challenging lond-distance flights or train rides.
Be it holiday travel or business travel, changing time zones, disrupted sleep, unknown food and likewise can make travel a bit challenging, even stressful for body and mind. After travel you might find yourself fighting with jet lag or a restless mind. The good thing about yoga is that you can practice it anywhere. You can find a quiet corner in the airport, you can do some twists even on your airplane or train seat, and you can do the exercises recommended by Anliveda Yoga against jet lag after you have checked in to your hotel room.You don’t need a yoga mat or sport clothes for the Asanas presented in the five minute Anliveda Travel Yoga courses.

Do YOGA on the GO!
The five most benefits of doing yoga before, during and after travel are:

  1. You keep your blood circulation going even on long flights
  2. You keep your body flexible
  3. With Yoga you reduce stress, and you bost your energy
  4. Some gentle Asanas performed help for better sleep
  5. Travel Yoga helps you your nervous system to relax more easily and overcome impacts of jet lag more easily

As a travel destination for doing yoga and unwinding in the tranqility of the Himalaya Mountains, you might wish to do a weekend-trip to explore the “Vanprastha Resort”, in the Dunagiri Mountains in Uttarakhand. This Yoga Resort is such a special place as it is located just one kilometer away from  Mahavtar Babaji’s Cave, the birthplace of Kriya Yoga.
You will find a new yoga quizz in in this newsletter. The answer to the previous quiz question is: Camel Pose.
Enjoy the 5th  edition of the ANLIVEDA YOGA NEWSLETTER,
Hari Om!
Your Anliveda Yoga Team