Welcome to the 6th Anliveda Yoga Video Newsletter!

Good sleep nowadays is of such value as gold. Sleeping disorders are ranked among the ten most common civilization diseases. Stress, lack of sleep, interrupted sleep and difficulties to fall asleep impact the lives of many day-to-day.
About the benefits of yoga for good sleep and curing sleeping disorders you will learn more in this Anliveda Newsletter.
You will find a new yoga quizz in in this newsletter. The answer to the previous quiz question is: Dog Pose.
Enjoy the sneak-peak here on the “Happiness Planner 2023”with monthly yoga recommendations and water intake tracker for every day of the month.
Furthermore, be inspired for your yoga practic by the new “Moon Veda Yoga” Calendars for 2023 showing you the moon phases with the qualities of each day in the perfect symbiose with the corresponding Moon Veda Yoga Courses, all available on: www.anlivedayoga.com
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Enjoy the 6th edition of the ANLIVEDA YOGA NEWSLETTER,
Hari Om!
Your Anliveda Yoga Team