The Asana Library is accessible for every yoga practitioner who has subscribed to at least one of the yoga courses assigned as AY or MVY (around 15 minutes duration each). For this subscriber the Asana Library is part of the package upon purchase of yoga course/s.
Subscribers who have joined only for courses of OY or TY (each course of around 5 minutes duration) are not eligible to access the Asana Library.

The Moon Veda Yoga Calendar has been created by Anliveda Yoga Organics Pvt. Ltd., together with the programme line Moon Veda Yoga, as a tool for the Yoga practitioners to plan their yoga activities in harmony with the respective moon phases and moon qualities under the different zodiac signs. For more information please watch the video “How to Use the Moon Veda Yoga Calendar”.

At Anliveda we believe in buying what you need and therefore you can buy each course seperately at your own pace. We also happen to think this helps in focus and a gradual introduction on Yoga in your life. However, you can buy as many courses as you want.

Each course you purchase will be available to you for an entire year on on website and mobile application from the date of purchase.

All our Yoga instructors are certified professionals. Whilst all our courses are completely safe, if you have a muscle or bone related medical condition, we suggest you consult your doctor before applying techniques taught by our instructors.