Welcome to the 9th Anliveda Yoga Video Newsletter!

Spring Equinox takes place in March. A very good time to focus your energies and do a clean out at all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. Your body will be thankful for a detox, mind and soul will be happy for a review where you have an opportunity to say good-bye to negative thoughts (mental detox) and emotions clinging to the past (emotional detox), which are no longer needed.
Do you feel symptoms like:
• Cellulite
• Decreased sex drive
• Problems in concentrating
• Fatigue

Then you need a Detox. The book: NAVIGATE THROUGH 10-DAYS OF DETOX WITH YOGA can help you to regain balance.
This book is available through the Anliveda Google Bookstore and in the Book Bazaar on: www.anlivedayoga.com Enjoy the 50% discount during the month of March!

Rejuvenate with the Aries Oil for Energy and learn about the Moon and Love Life.
Travellers passing through Dubai can indulge in the massages and beauty treatments of lovely Amara Spa, located in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Deira Dubai. Amara Spa is featured in this Newsletter.
Further, you will find a new yoga quizz in in this newsletter. The answer to the previous quiz question is: Butterfly Pose.
Enjoy the Moon Veda Yoga Courses available at: www.anlivedayoga.com with a live Moon Calendar giving Yoga recomemndations for every day.
Enjoy the 9th edition of the ANLIVEDA YOGA NEWSLETTER,
Hari Om!
Your Anliveda Yoga Team