Welcome to the first edition of the Anliveda Yoga Video Newsletter!

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In the first edition you will find useful tips for self-care and detoxification provided by Yoga Teacher Ms. Jharna Jain from India. Jharna elaborates how the modern lifestyle impacts on our health system through inadequate nutrition, stressful job, lack of exercises etc. Jharna, a highly skilled and professional Yoga Teacher certified in India, explains how to detoxify body and mind with applying helpful yoga asanas. For those of you who like a deep dive in the topic, the book “Navigate through 10 Days of Detox with Yoga” is recommended, available through Books Google as an eBook and also as pdf through

The first edition of the ANLIVEDA VIDEO NEWSLETTER further provides you with recipes for ginger detox tea and lemon detox water. You are also welcomed to send your special detox recipe in, address to: [email protected]

For the quiz lovers: Each ANLIVEDA VIDEO NEWSLETTER holds a yoga quiz question. The solution will be revealed in the January 2022 Newsletter edition.

Your are welcome to ask yoga and wellness related questions to the Anliveda Team ([email protected]). In the first edition one yoga practitioner asked the team to explain a bit more in-depth: “What is YOGA?”. The answer you find in the first edition of the ANLIVEDA VIDEO NEWSLETTER, click & enjoy!