Strengthen Your Immune System with Yoga

Strengthen Your Immune System with Yoga

How to strengthen your immune system with yoga is in the focus of the 2nd edition of the Anliveda Video Newsletter. To watch the Anliveda Video Newsletter, just start the video with the button in the lower left side of the window. The Anliveda Newsletter is also available on Anliveda YouTube channel:

In the 2nd edition you will find useful tips for strengthening your immune system provided by Yoga Teacher Mr. Shiva Anand from India. Shiva shares insights on the benefits of yoga for stronger body and mind as a protection shield of your health and immune system. 

If you are a person of action not just words, you are invited to try the Anliveda Yoga course for Strengthening the Immune System, for ease of reference see link as follows:

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Shiva, a professional Yoga Teacher certified in India, currently offering specialized yoga retreats in Cambodia, shares from his immense knowledge about the ancient yoga masters and vedic scripts. He is also co-author of magnificient yoga books. For those of you who like a deep dive in the secrets of yoga asanas, the book “YOGASANAM PARIVAR, Part 1, could reveal breathtaking insights. YOGASANAM PARIVAR is available through Books Google as eBook:

And, through the Anliveda BOOK BAZAAR on this web-site:

The book “YOGASANAM PARIVAR” was written to provide a helping hand and tool for a deeper understanding of Yogasana from the 8 Limbs of Yoga given by Maharishi Patanjali in a traditional yoga text which was written about 2300 years ago, Patanjali Yoga Sutra.

YOGASANAM PARIVAR, Part 1, summarizes basic common Asanas, the book is divided into different small chapters. Every chapter consists of the family of asanas with relative relations. The purpose of creating the families of related asanas has been given with the best intention of the authors, coming from their own teaching experiences.

In the 2nd edition of the ANLIVEDA VIDEO NEWSLETTER you will also find a recipe for the delicious immune strengthening bay leaf-lemon-rosemary-tea, and a yoga quiz question. The solution will be revealed in the March 2022 Newsletter edition.

Your are welcome to ask yoga and wellness related questions to the Anliveda Team: please send to: [email protected]. In the 2nd edition one yoga practitioner asked the team to explain a bit more in-depth: “Can yoga help to detoxify the body?”. Curios about the answer? Open this edition of the ANLIVEDA VIDEO NEWSLETTER, click & enjoy!

Best wishes for a happy & healthy 2022!


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