Yogasanam Parivar Part Two


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Inspired by the great Maharashi Patanjali who wrote around 2300 years ago the “Patanjali Yoga Sutra” explaining the eight Limbs of Yoga, this book is written by two Yoga Teachers as a bridge between traditional Patanjali Yoga and current yoga practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of the yogic way. The Yogasanam Parivar Part 2, written as guidance for Teacher Training Courses (TTC), elaborates on 108 common Asanas which are analysed and categorised into families.The purpose of creating the families of related asanas has been given with the best intention of the authors, coming from their own teaching experiences.

The Authors are deeply convinced that this classification will be helpful for the students who want to understand the fibers of coherence between each asana. The system of yogasanam families also uncovers the techniques of how to create yoga sequences for regular yoga classes, which is really helpful in the beginning of the yoga teacher’s carrier. This book is a journey into Yoga for beginners and advanced.

From the Sanskrit Education Department, Jaipur, India: “Yogasanam Parivar (Part 2) has been created with view to making Yoga practice extremely useful. The best feature of this book is that it comprises of 108 Asanas which are displayed in a sequential order. Due to this special feature, the book will prove to be very useful for new Yoga aspirants. I appreciate and thank the authors Mr. Diwakar Dadhich Shiva and Ms Michaela Baborova for their great efforts. I Hope that through this book, the light of the knowledge of Yoga and ancient India will illuminate the world.”

With best wishes,
“Jayatu Yoga Darshanam”
Dr Mandan Sharma, Former
Director Sanskrit Education
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Yoga student: “I had the pleasure of doing the TTC with Shiva and Michelle.Their passion and knowledge for teaching is educational and inspiring! Their kindness and compassion shines from within.Could not have asked for better teachers!”

Brionny, Australia

Yoga student: “I didn’t have any expectations as I didn’t know anything about Yoga. During this unbelievable TT, during one month, I discovered a new world, how to breath, pranayama exercises…such a deep experience …so much you will discover…”.

Peggy, France

ISBN 9788194925651


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