MOON YOGA Calendar Europe 2023


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The MOON YOGA Calendar 2023 for Europe shows you the moon phases & moon qualities of zodiac for 2023. Additionally, more health benefits are provided by the recommendations you find in Moon Veda Yoga for your yoga practices aligned in harmony with the moon qualities and phases and their influences on body, mind and biorhythm.

Enjoy your Moon Veda Calendar at home by easy self-printing of the calendar:


  1. A colour printer with both-sides print option is required.
  2. A4 paper in landscape setting.
  3. Normal office printing paper can be used.
  4. For best results: 170gms matte paper is recommended.


  1. Set printer for both-side printing and booklet, landscape.
  2. Load the paper (you’ll need 14 paper sheets of A4 size).
  3. Print.

After printing:

  1. Fold the Moon Veda Yoga Calendar in the middle to see the photo elements on the upper half page and the monthly calendar data on the lower half page.
  2. Punch two wholes in equal distance on the closed side from the envisaged middle for fixing a decorative rope through the wholes, which will keep your calendar pages tightly together (similar like binding of book papges).
  3. Punch one whole on the open upper side, which you need to hang the calendar on the wall, i.e. on a nail or on a hook in the wall.

Tutorial video on How to Print Your Moon Calendar see Section Moon Calendar on:


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