Yogasanam Parivar Part One


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Many questions asked by people in modern times find answers in the 5000 years old art of YOGA! How to manage stress? – With YOGA! How to find good sleep? – With YOGA! How to control weight? – With YOGA! The community of yoga practitioners worldwide counts around 300 000 000 and is growing constantly. So is the number of yoga studios and yoga teachers. Logically, these teachers are looking for guidance from teacher trainers.

Two amazingly knowledgeable trainers for yoga teachers, Michaela Baborova and Shiva Anand, share now their wisdom in the yoga manual for teachers: Yogasanam Parivar, Part 1. The yoga beginners and advanced practitioners will be pleased by this book too. Shiva Anand and Michaela explain the magic about perfectly performed forward and backward bends, twisting, hip opening and inverted positions in simple words and easy to follow guidance. Moreover, they teach variations of executing each Asana enabling the practitioners to find the best suitable way of stretching and bending the body according to individual conditions and possibilities. The perfect stretch is in essence the one which you achieve doing the workout in a harmonious partnership with your body, not forcing against it. How to achieve the harmonious union of body and mind performing in UNION, the original meaning of the word YOGA, this is the art which Michaela and Shiva Anand teach their students, be it beginners or be it professionals.

Anliveda, India

This truly was an intense, enriching and amazing experience. The knowledge, skills and instruction I received from Shiva and Michelle changed this from a worthwhile course with a useful certificate into a life changing event. I am so very grateful to them both, and to the staff at Blue Indigo. In the future I hope to return there, both as an accomplished practitioner and teacher.


Chris, United Kingdom

ISBN 9788194925644


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