Incense Sticks SPICE RACK

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Three different Spice Flavours
Japanese Incense in Glass Tubes
Ceramic Incense Holder included

Incense Sticks on Spice Rack in Glass Tubes
Description: Incense Sticks Tin Can
Order: AY-INS-2019-6
Each Set contains 3 Glass Tubes and contains 45 Japanese Incense Sticks, 14cm/
5,5 inches long and, a Ceramic Holder.
Packing 6 Sets = 1 inner carton


  • Fragrances / Flavours available:
  • Cinnamon
  • Orange
  • Vanilla

Packing: 6 Boxes in an Inner Carton and 36 in a Master Carton /in different fragrances possible/

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