Incense Sticks EXOTICA

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Four different fragrances in one can
Decorative Tissue Bag, aromas preserved in Tin Box
Wooden Incense Holder included

Incense Sticks in Tin Box
Description: Incense Sticks Tin Box with Decorative Tissue Bag
Order: AY-INS-2019-5
Each Box contains 40 Incense Sticks 10 inches/ 25cm long ,and, a Handcrafted Wooden Incense Holder
Packing: 6 Tin Boxes /inner carton / 36 Boxes master carton

Burgundy Line: EXOTICA

  • Amber Oriental
  • Lotus
  • Lilac
  • Cedar
  • Meditation & Focus

Packing: 6 Tin Boxes in an Inner Carton and 36 in a Master Carton /in different fragrances possible/

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