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Detoxification and weight loss, one ultimately connected the other as overweight is often caused by dysfunctioning of the digestive organs due to hidden food reactions up to small scale allergies, strolling along unnoticed and not suspected for the uneasyness from tighter and tighter getting clothes and increasing number of pounds on the scale. Whilst the causes for adipositas can be multiple, the desire of many people is just to get rid of the access weight. Regular practicing of the Anliveda Yoga course designed to support everybody in the desire to manage and minize weight and shape the own body, will you with visible and tangible results.

Anliveda Yoga Teacher Michaela
Time 19:55
Time 16:28

1 review for AY Yoga for Weight Loss 1 / One year

  1. Prince Kumar

    Prince Kumar

    It’s really usefull and the language of cource is very easy to understand.

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