Welcome to the 4th Anliveda Yoga Video Newsletter!

Keep the spirits high! Take time for self-care, take care of your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your beloved ones. In times of crisis it is challenging to stay physically mentally healthy. Many people find meditation helpful to stay calm and focused while navigating life through turmoil and turbulences.

Yoga is your genuine ally to nourish your body with vitality and energy, your partner for enduring health and wellbeing. Wellbeing is the key for everything. Wellbeing is the key for overcoming the erruptions of anxiety and depression evoked by the pandemy holding the world in tight grip since more than two years already. According to the International Yoga Federation, Yoga is for around 300 million people of the world population the trusted friend in these efforts, according to the ancient motto “A healthy mind stays in a healthy body”. Practising Yoga at home became most popular in the recent months. Exercising Yoga at home helps keeping control over pounds gained through harmful habits like over-eating due to frustration. And the lame excuses of our marvelous “couch potatoes” for not going to the yoga studio today ‘because it is raining’, and not going tomorrow ‘because the sun is shining too bright’ are no longer tolerable as the Yoga now comes easily to everybody’s home via the internet.

Do YOGA for Wellbeing @HOME” is featured at the 2022 Internal Day of Yoga. This year’s Yoga theme aims to motivate people to do Yoga @Home to unite a more healthy lifestyle with their daily routines. The word ‘YOGA’ means union, here it is the union of wellbeing and daily life, which Yoga helps you to create and nurture.

ANLIVEDA YOGA bestows with online courses for doing Yoga @HOME in your own timing. Find out more at: www.anlivedayoga.com/yoga-at-home-online/

To support your efforts for a healthy lifestyle, in this Anliveda Newsletter edition, the veda cook shares with you a recipe for preparing an energy to boost your vitality. This energy drink is also suitable for diabetics. And, Lifestyle Coach Arti from India provides you useful tips.

You will find a new yoga quiz in in this newsletter. The answer to the previous quiz question is: Tree Pose. Furthermore, there is a book review on YOGAASANAM PARIVAR, Part Two, written by the Yoga Teachers Shiva and Michaela, whom you know from many courses. The book YOGASANAM PARIVAR, Part Two elaborates on 108 common YOGA Asanas which are analysed and categorised into families. The authors are deeply convinced that this classification will be helpful for the students who want to understand the fibers of coherence between each asana.

YOGASANAM PARIVAR, Part Two available as electronic books through the Book Bazaar on: www.anlivedayoga.com as well as through the Google Bookstore.

Enjoy the 4th edition of the ANLIVEDA YOGA NEWSLETTER,

Hari Om!

Your Anliveda Yoga Team