The Quality of Time and YOGA

Clocks, planners and schedules help us measuring and organising the time. Even our youngest feel the impact of organised time with schedules quite soon in the child lives: as soon as the kids start walking and talking, the parents map out their days with the time to go to kindergarden, the time to eat, to sleep, to take bath, to play. When growing up, the daily schedules are also filling up. When you are an adult you need one to five digital assets and gadgets to distribute your time over the days, weeks and months. That is called planning and you mark everything in your planner and calendar. Yet, this is all only about the quantity of time.
Did you ever think about the QUALITY OF TIME? Perhaps you remember now a nice picknick day in the forest together with your beloved ones and you call it a quality time. While you may feel that was “quality time spent”, this is something quite different from what is: “The Quality of Time”! Same as we can measure the quantity of time by dividing the day into 24 hours and each hour into 60 minutes and so forth, we also have objective indicators to assign the quality of time. Even these are cosmic indicators, as old as the universe, though known only by a lesser number of people. It is time to expand the circle!
The QUALITY OF TIME relates to the qualities and characteristics assigned to each of the twelve zodiac signs. In modern terminology we could speak about a “zodiac profile” and “profiling”. The profiles are defined by the qualities of the zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each day has a zodiac profile which expresses the specific qualities of that day. The quality of a Leo day for example is that this day is related to the element of Fire and in the body to the heart and blood circulation. Most often the days governed by Leo moon are warm, even hot days. The qualities of Leo influence your bio-rhythm, your well-being, your mood and many other puzzles pieces forming your life from day to day.

What Has the Moon to Do with Yoga?

How do know which day is a Leo day? The moon will tell you! The moon on its celestial journey stays around two days and a quarter of a day in each of the zodiac signs, thus completes one circle in approximately 28 days. The moon works like the indicator of a cosmic clockwork, a moon calendar helps us identifying which date and day of a given month is ruled by which zodiac sign. The moon itself adds even other elements to the daily time qualities: The phases of the moon have their own impacts, thus the profiling of the daily time qualities becomes more complex. The phases of the moon are: New Moon, Ascending Moon, Full Moon and Descending Moon.
When we learn about the influences which the moon holds over us, we can use this information to our advantage. For example, during the ascending moon it is considered a good time for growing whilst descending moon phases are often considered to be helpful when trying to decrease something or end it, for example exercising for weight loss, diets and detox are more beneficial when applied during descending moon phases. By the way, for detoxification the descending moon on Pisces and Scorpio Moon days will support you best.
The New Moon Days are usually considered as good for starting a new project and have it ideally completed by Full Moon. The around two weeks of the Ascending Moon phase are supportive to your project even when it takes many more weeks or months. On a Full Moon day some times things crack up naturally as the peak is reached and they fade out completely during the Descending Moon phase. The influences and qualities of the moon are also related to the four elements connected with the zodiac signs: air, fire, water and earth. The rhythm of nature is reflected in the moon cycles, including weather influences. Farmers are still nurturing their forefathers’ knowledge about these natural cycles and consider the moon influences for the planting and harvesting. As nature is under these cosmic influences, so are the human beings.

The Cosmic Influences and Your Body

Did you know that the organs and body parts are related to the zodiac signs and their ruling planets? The ancient scientists and doctors had solid knowledge about these deeply rooted relations among the living beings on planet Earth and the cosmic influences. Astrologers have written farmers’ calendars and included data of sun rise and moon rise, planetary movements, water tides, weather forecasts, annual festivals and likewise, these books were often called Almanach. An Almanach could be also addressing the requirements of other specific target groups like sailors for example. In the old times, also medical treatments have been planned carefully mapping out the impact of moon and zodiac qualities.
These treasures of wisdom are also helpful nowadays when you plan your daily life, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. Based on the ancient knowledge of the relations between the zodiac qualities, the moon, and their relations to body, mind and health, as well as influences on nature, Anliveda Yoga has developed specific sets Asanas in courses. In these courses, called MOON VEDA YOGA™, each course with its specific set of Asanas is matching the needs of body and mind according to the respective quality of the day. Practicing the MOON VEDA YOGA enhances the well-being and harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos and nature. This increases your happiness and health.
You will enjoy a unique yoga experience when indulging in the MOON VEDA YOGA™ courses developed by Anliveda Yoga considering the spcific health benefits of the different Asanas and put in relation to the body needs under the influences of the moon and the zodiac characteristics. Leo is connected with the heart and the blood circulation as mentioned above. Based on this the exclusive set of Leo Moon Veda Yoga (MVY) courses has been developed with yoga exercises taking care of your body’s condition and requirements on Leo Moon Days. On Leo Moon Days your heart and blood circulation need more attention. Such are prone to causing high blood pressure, thus any extreme physical work impacting the heart and blood pressure system shall be avoided, likewise high performance sports shall be avoided.

About the Leo Moon Days and Yoga

On Leo Moon Days mild fitness exercises like yoga are recommendable.The set of four Leo MVY courses addresses these needs to ensure you will have a soothing yoga experience in harmony with the influences of nature. The Asanas selected for the MVY Leo Moon Courses are tailored to the body needs on these dates and help paying attention to heart and blood pressure issues. The Leo Moon Yoga courses, when performed regularly help strengthening your blood circulation system, and, support keeping better control of blood pressure. You should, of course, when it comes to your health always consult your physician.
The set of Leo Moon Veda Yoga courses provides you with one 15 minutes Leo Moon tailored yoga course for the New Moon, one course for the Ascending Moon, one course for the Full Moon and one course for the Descending Moon. Each course is 15 minutes long and guided by a Yoga Teacher certified in India and recognised by the Indian Yoga Association (IYA). You can do the Moon Veda Yoga courses comfortably in your own timing and in your own home. No need to go to a yoga studio in town, no need to follow any pre-set schedule. The Yoga Teachers from Anliveda are here from you whenever you wish through the online streaming video courses. The asanas are easy to do for yoga beginners and advances practitioners at all ages. You just need to register your account on: and select your courses. You can enjoy them for one year. You can comfortably plan your yoga sessions in your own timing.
You enjoy a unique yoga experience with the Moon Veda Yoga™ courses, aligned with cosmic cycles and in harmony with the rhythms of nature. The Leo MVY courses, when practised regularly will help you keeping better watch over blood pressure issues, and, you will see the positive effect on your heart and blood circulation system. The yoga asanas from the Leo MVY will strengthen your heart and support it in its functions.You will enjoy also feeling more energized and focused as all body cells will be better supplied with fresh blood when doing regularly the yoga exercises.

A Unique Experience: Quality Time and the Quality of Time

For finding the next Leo Moon Days, simply consult a Moon Calendar. You need to have a Moon Calendar matching the time zone in which you are living, then you can see easily for each date of the month by which zodiac sign the day is ruled, means through which zodiac sign the moon is passing on a particular given day. Moon Calendars typically also give beauty advices as well as gardening and household tipps. Anliveda Yoga has created Moon Calendars which connect you comfortably with the matching yoga information. The Moon Veda Yoga Calendars are available through the Anliveda Yoga website for download and printing as Do-it-Yourself Calendars in six different time zones. Choose yours. You can also look up the moon quality of the day on the Anliveda online Moon Calendar, which provides you also with further information related to beauty, health, recommended incenses, and, of course: the corresponding yoga courses for your choice. Looking for quality time to spend in harmony with the quality of time? Unique yoga experiences welcome you and support you in applying a soothing lifestyle increasing your serenity and happiness.

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