AY Yoga for Detoxification 2 / One year

$9.80/one year



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For beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

Body acidity, intoxication from the industrial environment, from intoxicated food as well as unhealthy food items like to many sweets, junk food and likewise are often root cause of many health problems. This set of asanas is designed to support any detoxification process you may have decided to undergo to do something good for your health. This Anliveda Yoga Course is designed to support body cleansing processes, releasing toxics from the body, it supports the strengthening of internal organs, and, improves the outer appearance with glowing skin and healthier hair.
Remember to drink plenty of water while doing detoxification. Herbal teas can support the process additionally.

Anliveda Yoga Teacher Shiva

Time 17:28


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