AY Yoga for Deep Relaxation 1/ Five years plan

$24.99/five year

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AY Yoga for Deep Relaxation Promo

For beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

Stressed? Nervous? Try this Anliveda Yoga Course provides you with Deep Relaxation and supports also good sleeping patterns for rejuvenating body and mind.

This set of Asanas prepares you also well for meditation.

Regularly practising yoga gives you peace of mind.

This Yoga Course can be well combined with doing afterwards one of the Guided Meditations from the “Anliveda Meditation for Happiness” Series, or, you simply relax in your personal meditation way and can enjoy listening any of the meditation and relaxation music tracks provided on the Anliveda Yoga web-site in the Meditation Section. Namaste!

Anliveda Yoga Teacher Krishna.

Time 7:37 minutes


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